It is impossible to get two items made of tan, dark tan, brown or Havana leather exactly the same colour.

Every piece of leather is different

A saddle is made from different types of leather, some parts of the saddle – for example seat, flaps, panels, girth straps, require leather giving different characteristics compared to other parts. We need to use different leather types for different parts, which means leather from different animals, different suppliers, different tanning processes or tints. So it is impossible to achieve exactly the same colour.

For a group of products such as a saddle, bridle, girth, reins there will always be different nuances in colour. So for example a tan bridle, saddle and girth will be in a tan spectrum but there will be variations in the actual colour, including the saddle which has to be made of different grades of leather, giving different shades.

It is the same with clothing, a cotton polo shirt in blue, will be a different shade to a blue jumper or a pair of trousers. All will be blue but different shades of colour because of the different materials.

So when ordering a saddle, or any other leather item, it is necessary to take into account that it is not possible to guarantee an exact match of colour.

The colours shown in the catalogue photographs are for guidance

In our catalogue (including social media and our website we use digital printing to show the ranges of colours available,  but this is for guidance as the colours can vary depending on the set up of each computer screen or mobile phone display. Also taking into account the differences in perception from one person’s eye to another we can only give the colours as a guide. To get a 100% colour match to the original is impossible.